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Child abuse destroys trust

All children deserve to be cherished and protected…not subject to abuse or neglect. Child abuse destroys trust for a lifetime. It is proven that child maltreatment leads to long-term physical health conditions, psychological issues, behavioral problems, and societal consequences. There is overwhelming evidence that most child victims delay or never disclose child sexual abuse to friends, family or the authorities (Bottoms, et al., 2007; London, et al., 2005: London, et. al, 2008). Retrieved from www.D2L.org.

CAC31 Mission Statement

Children’s Advocacy Center for the 31st Judicial District delivers exceptional services to victims of severe child abuse. Our team directly reduces the trauma from abuse, through our provision of a well-coordinated multi-disciplinary investigation. We vigorously fight to break the cycle of child abuse by providing prevention services through education.

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1350 Sparta St (242.92 mi)
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Vision Statement

All children in the 31st Judicial District shall be safe, families strengthened, victims healed from trauma,
and offenders held accountable.

From the Board of Directors

Regardless of location, the tragic stories of neglect and abuse all sound too familiar and only the geography changes.   Equally as tragic are the excuses the system has for its failures; caseloads, time, manpower shortage and lack of funding.

The services provided by the Children’s Advocacy Center staff are extremely important to the victims of child abuse.  If not for our staff, these victims would be left unaided.  The staff provides empowerment, a better understanding so they may help to process their abuse, and offer healing to break the tragic cycle of abuse and become productive citizens within our community.

The Children’s Advocacy Center is a non-profit business and the main challenge is securing adequate funding to maintain our existence and high level of service.  We are extremely fortunate to have an awesome dedicated staff committed to our mission and actively seek ways to offset ongoing program expenses.  The successes of CAC31 are numerous.  Each child we see and every family who seeks our help are provided with first rate service free of charge.  Every person who has reported a suspicion of child abuse is our victory.  These are among the Children’s Advocacy center’s greatest successes. To quote Albert Einstein, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” –

Board of Directors – CAC31

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